MEd PGCE BA (Hons)

I have worked in the private education sector for my entire career.

During that time I have seen a school of thought emerging that the education of children should be conducted as a science rather than an art. I wholeheartedly disagree with this. Education is an art. Children are all different and to subject them to a formulaic approach to their future is short-sighted and prevents many from being the very best that they can be.   The most rewarding part of my job is really getting to know pupils, listening to their worries and allaying fears. Understanding their uniqueness is crucial, if they are to be put  on a path that best fits their personality, strengths, and at times, idiosyncrasies.

Children only have one chance at a successful education and it’s vital that the journey is directed with understanding and compassion. This is the bedrock of everything that I try to do when advising on educational matters, school placements and when helping boys and girls when things have not turned out as well as they have hoped.

If you are worried about how to approach any area of the private education system please get in touch and we can start to find a solution.

Charles Banbury