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The Academic Profiling Test (APT) has been created to provide a comprehensive assessment of a student’s academic skills. It is a collaboration between experts in assessment, former headmasters and educationalists, using the highest quality teacher-written test questions and adaptive technology.

The APT is an evaluative measure that can be used to demonstrate performance to future schools or monitor academic progress, or even as familiarisation for other reasoning-type tests such as UKiset, ISEB Pretest or 11+/13+ entrance examinations.

Candidates can be tested from 6 to 16 years old and the assessment tests academic potential by looking at core cognitive skills in English, maths, verbal reasoning and non-verbal processing. The test length differs depending on the candidate's age; younger children (6 - 9) require about 75 minutes to complete the assessment, ages 10 - 13 around 90 minutes, and older students (14 - 16) around 2 hours. We encourage students to take breaks between each module and most modules are around 20 minutes long. Our results provide standard age scores comparing performance against the candidate's peers and provide insight into specific areas to work on.

Academic Profiling Test