"Charles Banbury is a great ambassador for helping children. I have known Charles for nine years and in this period he has supported my son in many ways. The two most important aspects have been with supporting him through Common Entrance and then providing outstanding support in guiding us all to help my son get into the most appropriate school.

He has taken considerable care in understanding my son, how he thinks, working out how he learns best, unlocking preconceptions, opening his mind, and giving him confidence. Not only has my son benefitted from better grades, but he has also enjoyed education that much more.

Then, during our son’s first term at secondary school, after a difficult start due to an unfortunate bullying cohort, we decided to withdraw our son for his best interests. We were then left with the dilemma of urgently needing to find a new school over the Christmas holidays. Our first phone call was to Charles who took great interest to help us find another school over this holiday period. This included advising on an Ed-Psych to fast track an assessment report for newly proposed schools, identifying the most appropriate schools to contact, from a list of 100 down to 30 and then to 5, speaking personally to the shortlisted schools explaining more about our son adding color to the application, and telephoning our son keeping him in the picture and providing the much-needed confidence. The outcome was that a very popular school that was fully booked made a space for my son, and he joined the school in the New Year.

Charles is an amazing person, passionate about education and life. He has a great sense of humour, nothing is ever too much trouble, his mobile is on 24/7! He is popular and highly regarded by both children and parents. I can highly recommend Charles, he adds richness to those around him."

H.M (Parent)

"I could not recommend Charles Banbury more highly, he is a tower of strength to many anxious and worried parents, He is able to understand and calm fears and confusion. You can turn to him and he will give thoughtful and wise advice and rapidly find solutions."

A.S (Mother)

"Charles started supporting our son, Sam, at school and has not stopped since. As Sam has progressed through the schooling world, Charles has been amazing as a support for Sam and us especially as Sam has hit speed bumps along the way. Sam would regularly turn to Charles for support (and still does) in all areas of his life and I know Charles has always been there for Sam. And also for us. As you look back there are always a few people that have disproportionately positive and impactful influences on your life, I know Charles is such a person for Sam - but also countless others."

D.S (Parent)

"Our son struggles with dyslexia, and having exhausted all the conventional educational routes, we turned for help to Charles. Charles helped us evaluate different school options and helped us with the less conventional home tutoring route. Charles has been a trusted advisor to our son helping him to see that he can achieve good outcomes in his school career as well as a trusted advisor to us, as parents, about what options we have and what course we should take. Charles is one of those small number of people who has a disproportionate impact on the trajectory of a person’s life."

D.D (Father)

"My Mother contacted Charles to find a perfect school for me. I had struggled to keep attention and often suffered in exams as a result. Charles came down to London and with his intervention, I was able to get a place at Bryanston. I can't thank him enough as my life has taken a very positive and very successful path. I wouldn't be where I am today without his help."

C.H (Senior School Pupil)

"I have rarely come across someone as extraordinary as Charles. I can think of no better individual to advise parents on their children's needs and next steps. Whether this entails school selection, remedial support, crisis management, and other issues, Charles has seen and experienced it all. He understands the nuances and vagaries of youth development and will play a formidable role in any family he works with toward that end. I, therefore, recommend him without reservation."

H-M.R (Parent)